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Wines available from  Italy.

The ancient Brandolini d’Adda Villa, once the property of the noble family who settled in the territory of Soligo at the beginning of the 1900s, has been home to Prosecco.The company, skilled in the production of high quality wines.

The ‘Prosecco Superiore

DOCG’ (controlled and guaranteed

denomination of

origin) originates from and

extends over 4,500 hectares

of land between the town of

Valdobbiadene, to the west,

and Conegliano to the east.

The vineyards stand at the

feet of the Treviso pre-Alps,

at a height of between 50 and

500 metres above sea level.

The grapes of our Prosecco

DOCG sparkling wines originate

from the Valdobbiadene

area, in particular from San

Pietro di Barbozza, Guia and

Col San Martino.

The unique conformity of

the land, gifted with a good

temperature range between

day and night, lends the

prosecco grape the organoleptic

characteristics that give it its exclusive aroma and fragrance.

Thanks to its rich sugar content, this type of grape is the perfect

base for sparkling wines.

All our grapes are rigorously hand-picked, boxed and taken

to the wine cellar as quickly as possible, in order to avoid compromising

the fruit’s integrity.

Approximately 10 hectares of land are worked in order to

obtain a grape that is qualified for its fresh and floral perfume

which, when transferred to the bottle, restores its natural, native


The ‘Prosecco’, in its most classic sparkling version, has for

years received a favourable response from consumers around

the world. The secret behind its increasing success is found in

the product’s particular characteristics: for example, its striking





D.O. C .G

Ideal for celebrating important events, or more simply sipped

while relaxing with friends, Prosecco, proposed in the more modern

‘Brut’ version or in the more classic ‘Extra Dry’ version, is

wonderful as an aperitif and

in cocktails as well as for

fish dishes or light lunches

or dinners. It is also the perfect

accompaniment to cold

meats and cheeses, with

‘Made in Italy’ cuisine and

also many examples of international


Thanks to its moderate

alcohol level (11% Vol.)

and intriguing fruity and

mineral aromas, a correctlychilled

Prosecco is suitable

for every occasion and is the

perfect alternative to other

more formal and demanding


Area of origin: Grapes coming from vineyards in the

municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Grapes: Prosecco grapes of D.O.C.G. quality together

with Bianchetta and Verdisio grapes.

Processing:Secondary fermentation with charmat

method for minimum of 30 days with constant

temperature control between 16-18°C.

Type: Spumante Extra Dry.

Alcohol content: 11,00 % VOL.

Residual sugar: 18 gr/Lit.

Colour: Bright straw yellow.

Aroma: Typically indicated as the original aroma

of pure Prosecco with refreshing fruity and

flowery hints.

Flavour: Full, harmonious with just the right

touch of sweetness. The balance between

fragrance, flavour and aromatic intensity

makes this wine highly quaffable and pleasant

to taste.

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