•  The product range includes Hotels, Group Travel, Events, Overland Tours, Cruises, Wine Tastings, Pilgrimage Tours, Ferrari Rentals, City Packages, Tickets & Attractions, and Wellness & Spas throughout America, Arabia, Asia and Europe. 

  • The firm provides clients with a professional travel service and the expert staff is dedicated to our clients' satisfaction. The service is designed to offer customers unbeatable value for money every time.

    We provide competitive travel arrangements, whether for Leisure, Business or Group Travel. Our hotels and ground services are arranged by carefully chosen locally-based representatives with respected hotel companies wherever in the world: Bali, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Vientiane, New York, Boston, Tampa, L.A., Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Budapest, Riga, Warsaw, Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai and London to mention a few.  

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